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Laundry Renovations

Don’t overlook one of the hardest-working spaces in the home!

Why do Laundry Renovations?

One of the most overlooked rooms in any home, especially when it comes to renovation, is the laundry. There are so many great ideas and design solutions for transforming an existing space, and laundry room renovations could be the facelift your home needs.

Though doing the washing isn’t necessarily the chore of choice, an enjoyable laundry room can really make all the difference. Gone are the days where laundries consisted of a top-loader washing machine, freestanding tubs, and those wonky washing lines outside. Nowadays, laundry renovations and laundry upgrades are quickly becoming just as thought out as kitchen and bathrooms, as they are each the most utilised rooms in a home. Today, there are multiple factors to consider if you’re wanting to transform your laundry into something more functional and appealing, including:

experience and knowledge in their fields. Our builder renovators can work alongside you to create a laundry that is not only beautiful but functional and convenient to your lifestyle. After discussing your needs for your new space and the plans for your future, our designers and builders will draw up a plan that you can approve before any work commences on your new dream laundry. Our team prides themselves on using only the best quality materials and fittings for any renovation project so that your new space can stay looking perfect for years to come.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, our team of laundry room renovations professionals will transform your ordinary laundry into a striking new space that you can enjoy being in. Whether you’re after a European-style laundry, or perhaps a hidden laundry complete with a set of pocket doors, Renovare Chermside has got you covered.

If you’re planning laundry renovations, laundry upgrades, or are ready to make a start now, get in touch with Renovare Chermside today!

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Laundry Layout

Practical and visually appealing laundry layouts for laundry room renovations are similar to that of a kitchen by installing generously sized cabinets and plenty of bench space to get all of your laundry tasks out of the way efficiently. When it comes to cabinetry, having overhead cabinets or even shelving installed would make the best use of your laundry space, giving you the opportunity to store your launder and cleaning products hidden. When it comes to your laundry sink, there is an abundance of choices to suit every laundry renovation. Why not consider a deep farmhouse-style sink or even a modern stainless-steel sink? For only minor laundry upgrades, our laundry renovations experts can custom design a layout to fit specifically around your existing appliances

Clever Storage & Hanging Racks

Nowadays, storage solutions aren’t just well thought out and practical, but they also look amazing. From ironing board cupboards (and even drawers) to full-length cupboards for your brooms and mops, the possibilities are endless. You could also consider separate drawers for your washing.  If you’re simply looking to make the best use of your existing space, hidden laundries offer a neat and compact alternative and are great for smaller homes or apartments.

Nothing is worse than ironing your clothes and having no place to hang them as you go, this is why a hanging rack is the easiest and a very affordable solution. When it comes to laundry upgrades, having built-in hanging racks gives you that extra bit of space while remaining convenient for your laundry room. Hanging your clothes doesn’t take up much and it’s very practical for your day-to-day tasks.

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Clothes Airer

In Australia, it’s common to hang our clothes out on a washing line, however, it isn’t always sunny and warm. On the occasion, when the wet weather won’t cease, we need to hang our clothes inside which calls for a good quality clothes dryer or an airer. This is something that the Renovare Chermside team can easily factor into your laundry room renovations or allow room for during your upgrades. A clothes airer built into a laundry is also an alternative that provides an incentive to use instead of your dryer, it’s also great for the environment and will help you save a bit of money on your energy bills.

Appliance Upgrade

Technology has come a long way in just a short time, which means now more than ever there is a vast range of laundry appliances to choose from. When it comes to investing in a clothes dryer, the best option you can consider is a condenser tumbler dryer that works to collect the moisture from your wet clothes in a separate container, which helps to prevent condensation and, in the long run, mold growth and proliferation. At Renovare Chermside, we can assist you in choosing the right appliances for your new laundry and offer custom laundry design fitting solutions tailored to your choices.

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A Sample Of Recent Renovare Renovations

Unsure of Where to Start?

Cam will work with you to help create a laundry room renovation you’ve always wanted, by following a simple three-step process that guides the journey of transforming your lifestyle that best suits you.

Our easy 3 step process ensures you’re covered and having an enjoyable time.

01. Concept
02. Approval
03. Build

The Laundry Renovation Experts.

At Renovare Chermside we have a team of dedicated laundry renovation builders who will not only listen to your visions and ideas but will also guide you to make informed decisions suitable to your expectations. Cam and the Renovare builders North Brisbane ensure the process is enjoyable and that you are involved and communicated with from the beginning to the end of your exciting dream laundry coming to life.

Get in touch with Cam and his team today on 1300 049 516 or complete our online form.

If you’re ready to start a laundry upgrades you owe it yourself to talk with the thlaundry renovations experts today!

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